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23 June 2015 @ 06:45 pm
It was midday in Pleasantview. Kids were done with school, at least for the day. At Pleasantview’s private elementary, kids were playing outside while they waited for the bus to take them home. All except one.

Alexander Goth just watched his classmates play. Lately he hadn’t been in a mood to participate. Not that they would let him join, anyway. He had always had trouble socializing with other kids, but ever since his mother’s mysterious disappearance, they considered him more of a weirdo.

“Hey Alex!” A familiar voice said, which woke him up from his daydream unexpectedly.
“Hi Aunt Dina, what are you doing here?”
“Oh well, I was just passing by and I thought maybe I could pick you up and walk you home, would you like that, Alex?
“Uh, sure I guess.”

As they left the school and walked to the manor, Dina noticed Alex seemed kind of distracted. She didn’t know much about the kid. She used to babysit him when she and Michael moved in to Pleasantview, but as much as his mother liked to repeat what a gifted child he was, he could barely say mom and dad back then.
So far she had gathered that he was even shyer than his older sister, and had a passion for bugs, like his father.

“So how was your day, Alex?” She asked, trying to start a conversation.
“It was ok, I got an A+ in science, math, and history. I didn’t do so well in Geography, A-”
“That’s impressive Alex. How about recess? Did you have fun?
“Yes, I went to the library” Alex said, but Dina could tell there was something behind his answer.
“Why didn’t you play with the other kids?” Dina asked, confused.
“Well… ever since mom disappeared, the other kids have been saying… stuff.”

Dina looked at him, he seemed upset. She knew kids could be cruel sometimes but she never expected something so horrible as his mother’s disappearance to be used against him.
“What exactly do they say, Alex?”
“Things like… that my mother preferred Aliens over me, because I am so weird, or that she wasn’t really abducted by them, she just left because she didn’t want to be with dad anymore.”

“Oh honey, none of that is true! Your mother didn’t mean for any of that to happen and I am sure she misses you wherever she is, don’t listen to them. Plus...” –she said, stretching the truth a little- “Your father is a brilliant man, he will find her in no time!”

“Speaking of which, he is waiting for you over there!” Dina said, pointing at Mortimer who was standing on the porch of the manor.
“Hey Dad!”
“Hello Alex" Mortimer said turning towards them" Dina! What brings you here?”

“I thought it would be nice to have some company while walking, so I went to Alex’s school to pick him up!”
“Thanks, I wondered why the bus hadn’t passed by yet.”
“Yeah sorry, we got caught up talking and I forgot to send you a text. Are you ready for tomorrow, Mortimer?”

“Oh, yeah I guess. Is it really a good idea Dina? I don’t feel much like celebrating right now, with everything that’s been going on and all.”
“Come on Morty, you need to get your head off things for a while, you have been under a lot of stress lately.”
“Yes but it feels... wrong you know? Celebrating my birthday just after Bella disappeared. We didn’t even celebrate Cassandra’s engagement to that Lothario boy because it was so sudden… People may think I am over the whole thing.”

“Nonsense Mortimer! You deserve a break. Plus I have everything ready and have paid Miss Delarosa already, she will kill me if I cancel everything. Just relax for once, please?”
“I guess I could…” Mortimer said, unsure.
“Of course you can! I've got to go now, that cake won’t bake itself, nor will Nina do it… I’ll see you tomorrow.” Dina said excitedly as she left the manor and skipped towards her new place.

Dina hadn’t come to Pleasantview to stay, or that was what she thought initially. She had come as some sort of family duty, but had planned to leave as soon as she could. But to her surprise, being there surrounded by familiar people helped her more than she had helped her late husband’s family. So she decided to rent a condo and stay longer, it had been three months now. Nina wasn’t happy about it, but she always followed her sister to make sure she was doing alright, they had become closer than ever since Michael’s passing.
As she entered she saw Nina on the couch. She had no luck finding work in Pleasantview so far, so Dina would always find her watching TV, bored.
“Where were you?” She asked, not taking her eyes of the TV.
“At Mortimer’s, I picked Alexander up from school to help a bit.”
“You do know there are school buses here, right?” Nina rolled her eyes as she talked.

“Well, I just wanted to do something nice for them” Dina excused herself.
“That’s all you do lately, Dina." Nina said, her tone was more concerned than reproachful. "You spend more time with the Goth’s than you do here or at work, it’s getting a bit ridiculous.”
“Oh come on, don’t be silly Nina.”

“Well, it is weird. When we lived in the city I could barely get you to go out and get a haircut or eat. You were a mess for years and I just couldn’t figure out what to do for you. And now… you are always with the Goth’s and I don’t know how that happened!”
“Isn’t that what you wanted? For me to get better?” Dina asked her sister.
“Yes, but you have to admit it is strange. You spend so much time with Mortimer, you do stuff for him, plan him a birthday party… I mean, you are even wearing extensions again! To see your late husband’s brother in law? Be honest Dina. Is there something going on with Mortimer?”

“Oh don’t be stupid, Nina. There is nothing going on with Mortimer. I’m just helping in time of need, they would have done the same thing for me…”
“Yes but you didn’t let them! You wanted nothing to do with Michael’s family before, what made you change your mind?”
“I’m just helping, ok? They are family to me and have been nothing but nice, stop looking into it Nina” Dina said as she left her sister and walked to the kicthen.

The next morning before Mortimer’s party, Mary-Sue was trying to convince her family to join her, with little success.
“Do we really have to go, Mary?” Daniel asked.
“Yes, Cassandra is my friend, and you know I need Mortimer’s support if I want to get anywhere with my campaign. Now stop complaining and get ready, would you?”
In that moment, the twins entered the room, looking just as excited as Daniel was.

“Mom, why do we have to go to Mr. Goth’s birthday? Even grandma and grandpa are going, it’s not like it’s going to be any fun.”
“Watcher’s sake, we never do anything together. Can we have one family outing? Just once? Could you do this for me?” Mary said, exasperated. “I just ask for this evening, it is very important for me and my family to be there. Now go and change those shoes, Lilith, put on the ones I bought, Angela, please make sure she does… Go go!”

“If the girls are going, and your parents too, I don’t see why you need me, then.” Daniel said, trying to excuse himself.
“Stop” Mary-Sue said firmly. “You are coming. Don’t think I don’t know what your plans are, I know you want the house to yourself, but it won’t happen. I won’t let you.”
“I have no idea of what you are talking about, Mary-Sue. I am simply tired from work, the team had a rough week.”
“I am not stupid Daniel, I know what is going on. And if you think you can ruin my chances of becoming a Mayor with some scandal, you are wrong. Now go get ready and be there for your wife when she’s trying to do something important!”

At the Goth Manor, the Caliente twins had just arrived. Not long after ringing the doorbell, Mortimer opened the door and greeted them.
“Hello girls! Please come in! Is that a berry pie?”
“Yes, I would love to take credit for it, but I had to buy it. I burned mine…”

As they entered, so did the newly engaged couple. Don had now given Cassandra his mother’s ring, to make it official. Nina looked at them, trying not to show any emotion.
“Do you need us to help with anything?” Mortimer asked. “Just let us know Dina.”
“No no! Come over to the backyard, let’s see how Delarosa is doing.”

Dina was pleased to see Miss Delarosa had done a great job with the preparations for the party. Not only did she bring flower bouquets from her shop, she had also gardened the plants in the backyard, which Mortimer had neglected for the last few months. She looked at Mortimer and saw how happy he was. He hadn’t smiled in quite some time.
“Miss Delarosa, this is incredible!” He said.
“Your garden has a lot of potential, Mr. Goth. It was a pleasure to work on it” Florence said, cheerfully.
“Well then, please feel free to come over any time! I have no one to care for it, I would really appreciate your help.”

Less than an hour later the backyard was full of people. Cassandra had invited her friend Darren to come over, as well as Mary-Sue, who brought the whole family with her. Conversation was pleasant, and Dina had outdone herself with the food catering she hired. For a moment, everything in Pleasantview felt normal, and people were able to get their heads off their problems. Instead of talking about Bella, or Aliens, Cassandra could talk about her wedding plans, they could talk about work, about kids and school. Yes, Mary-Sue would not take her eyes off from Daniel and any woman who would come near her, but she was able to conceal it quite convincingly.

“See? It wasn’t such a bad idea, was it?” Dina said as she approached a very happy looking Mortimer.
“Yes, this is lovely, thank you, Dina.”
“Now it is time for cake!” She said, more excited than what Mortimer would’ve thought normal.

The whole Party gathered around the birthday cake and cheered for Mortimer to blow the candles. Before doing so, he made a wish under his breath, and looked at all the people he was lucky to have in his life, who cared deeply for him.

After blowing the candles, he turned to face Dina, grabbed her by the waist so she would be closer to him.
“Thank you” He whispered in her ear. “I am very, very grateful.”

Dina, overcome by emotion gave him a tight hug, which he returned. It was a very intimate moment for both of them.

What none of them noticed was the look on Cassandra’s face. She resentfully looked at the pair and without a word, went inside the house.

Before Mortimer could go after his daughter, a great storm started out of nowhere. The guests barely had any time to notice the change in the weather before they were soaking wet. They all ran inside the manor as fast as possible, and seeing as it was impossible to continue the party, they soon left the manor.

After saying goodbye to the last of his guests, Mortimer went back to the living room. The lights were off and only Dina was there, sitting on the couch, her hair still wet. She looked too sad over the ruined party. He walked to her and sat on the couch.

“So, that was fun, wasn’t it?” He said, trying to start the conversation.
“I am sorry, I checked the weather on my phone, and it Sid it was going to be sunny, I guess I should have checked twice… I am so sorry Mortimer, I ruined your birthday!”
“Hey no, no… Don’t apologize Dina, this was a great birthday, really. I hadn’t expected it to be so much fun. You know, sometimes I feel a little bit guilty because I am doing well despite my situation, I am even having fun! And it sounds stupid but all those things like birthdays and dinners, I thought they were in the past because Bella organized them. But, it is weird but I am very, very glad you came because you have really helped me go through-”

He was interrupted by a sudden kiss from Dina. A full, mouth to mouth kiss. There was a moment of hesitation on his side, but then he pulled her closer and continued to kiss her passionately. It was as if the tension from the past months had lifted for both of them.

But then the realization hit him. He was kissing Dina. His wife’s sister in law. Dina, who had been married to Michael, his old friend. This was wrong.
“No, no, no, wait!” He said, pulling away from her “stop!”
Dina released him from her grasp, taken by surprise, panting.
“This is wrong” Mortimer said. “You are not Bella.”

Dina grunted. “Oh! Listen to Sim City’s greatest mind of the century! He has realized I am not his wife! Ground breaking discovery, Mortimer!” she said angrily.
“Dina, I am sorry, it’s just…”
“Oh shut up, I know. Who can be as perfect as Bella Goth?”

She scooted away from him, to keep a distance. She was angry. Yet another reminder of how her sister in law had been so special, so perfect.

“I don’t mean it in a bad way, Dina. I am not Michael, either. I know we have a sense of familiarity, and that’s probably why we are being drawn to each other. But we won’t find our lovers in the other. No matter how much you try: coming for dinner, helping out at my house, picking up Alexander and spending quality time with him, throwing me a birthday party as she used to, even dressing like her...”
“What? She is not the only one who can wear red, you know?!” Dina said, offended.
“I know that, but you are trying to take the roll of my wife Dina, and not even as yourself, but imitating her.”

“I’m sorry, Mortimer. I know I went over the top, even Nina suspects. It just felt like old times, you know? And that made me happy. And Bella was always so good at everything, she was perfect…”
“She wasn’t perfect, Dina. She just liked to make people think she was. I was there at every Christmas dinner, every birthday, every fundraiser... it wasn’t easy at all, she was always frustrated, and she was never satisfied. But she would rather die than let anyone know.”
“I wanted to be like her since I met her.”

“Why would you want to be like someone who never liked you? And don’t make that face, you have always known, deep down, that she always pretended to like you, for Michael. But she didn’t like you, because you represented what she could have been.”
“What are you talking about?” Dina asked confused.
“To her, you had not a worry in the world, because you are a lucky person. She thought you didn’t have to try as hard as she did, and things would go great anyway. Of course that is not true, but that was her perception. So please, don’t try to be Bella. I love her, but I am glad that at least something came from her disappearance: I can be your friend.”

After a few more minutes, Dina excused herself. The sky had cleared, and she figured it was time to go. Before leaving she hugged Mortimer goodbye.
“I am sorry for the whole mess, Morty.”
“It was better than perfect.” he whispered.

After she left, Mortimer went upstairs. But he didn’t go directly to his bedroom. Next to it there was a big bookcase. Four rows down, two books to the left, he grabbed the green book with a plumbob. He waited as the bookcase started to spin, revealing a secret room behind it with only a staircase.

He went up, and as expected, he found his daughter, working on her mother’s old cauldron.
“Did you really have to ruin your aunt’s party, Cassie? The poor womane worked so hard for it to be perfect, she evn checked the weather, twice.”
“Oh, I had no problem with Aunt Dina throwing you a party, dad. In fact I enjoyed myself. I do have a problem with her forgetting she is my aunt, not my mother.”
“You’re exaggerating, darling. She just wants to help. Nothing else is going on.”

“I sure hope so.” Cassandra said.

Thanks for reading Chapter II! Let me know what you think :)
22 April 2015 @ 07:58 pm
It felt like years since Dina had last been in Pleasantview. The whole ride she had forced herself not to look out of the window to see what had changed. She didn’t want to know, it wasn’t her place anymore. When the cab finally left her in 165 Sim Lane, she sighed, and stepped outside.
The Goth manor was as strangely beautiful as ever. She still remembered the first time she visited. Michael and she had just gotten engaged and his sister was throwing them an engagement/welcome back party. Things were simple back then.

Dina felt a knot in her stomach. Going inside would bring too many memories that she had struggled to keep out. But there was no going back. She received Mortimer’s call earlier in the day. Bella had disappeared. Her sister in law and her didn’t get along too well, actually Bella didn’t like her at all, and hadn’t called since the only thing they had in common, their dear Michael, had passed away.
Nevertheless, Dina considered them the closest to family she had, and Mortimer had always been very nice to her. So she was here for him, to help out.

She walked into the house. Everything was in its place, just like she remembered. The smell of freshly cut roses was missing though, Bella hadn’t been able to bring any flowers inside this morning. She looked to the right and saw a very tired Mortimer sitting. He smiled when he saw her.

He stood up with surprising speed and hugged her. She felt the warmth of his embrace. Mortimer could be many things, but he was an honest person. His regard for her was real. Dina was trying to be there for support, but somehow it felt like Mortimer knew she needed a hug just as much as he did.

-Well, look at you! You haven’t changed a thing, Dina. Thank you for coming, I really appreciate it.
Dina smiled, even now he had time to compliment her. – I came as soon as I could, I am sorry it couldn’t be earlier, it’s Friday and the City is just chaotic. Are you alright? How are Cassie and Alex? What happened?

- We are not sure yet… Bella was abducted by aliens last night. Records show she should have been back in a few hours, but she hasn’t. And if she did… something else happened. This is not normal, we’ve been looking for her everywhere.
Dina heard a couple of people approaching.

-Dina, this is officer Love, and Officer Monty. They are helping with the investigation about Bella’s disappearance. Officer Love, this is Dina Bachelor.
“Caliente, Dina Caliente”. She looked at Mortimer. “I figured it was time to... you know.
“Miss Caliente” Said officer Love. “How are you related to Mrs. Goth? Do you have any information that would be useful for us in the case?”
“I’m her sister in law… Actually, I have no idea, I haven’t seen her in years… maybe if you told me more about what you know? I can’t say I knew Bella that well”

“All we know is that she went out last night, and visited Mr. Lothario. That was the last place she was seen before the abduction, we have him on custody right now, until we have more information on the matter”
“Wait what? Don Lothario? No no, you must be wrong! Don wouldn’t hurt a fly!

Don sighed. He had spent the whole day in this cell. He still couldn’t wasn’t able to say what had happened exactly. One moment, Bella Goth was there, looking through the telescope… the next she was gone.

He had gone for dinner to the Goth Manor the night before. Cassie wanted him to meet her family. It was all going well, Bella was incredibly nice to him and she was so excited to finally meet Cassandra’s boyfriend. She had cooked the most splendid dinner for the occasion, which Cassandra said was no surprise, and Don felt welcomed… at first.

He didn’t have much luck impressing Mortimer, though. Their views on many subjects differed but Don felt as if it wasn’t just that. Mortimer just didn’t seem to like him or think any good could come from him. In the end Don excused himself saying he had an early shift at the hospital the next day, and left.

Around half an hour later he heard the bell ring. He expected to see Cassandra, and for her to be angry about the whole mess he had made. Instead he saw Mrs. Goth, standing there confidently as if they were longtime friends. She excused herself for her husband’s behavior, and asked Don to forget the incident, hoping things would be better next time. He invited her in for courtesy, and asked if she wanted to go to his bar upstairs to chat.

Bella then noticed he had a telescope. She said she loved astrology, and asked if she could use it for a while. Don agreed, and listened to Bella talk about the stars and constellations for a while. But then he was blinded by a cold, blue light, and he heard a lot of noise and a scream. When he opened his eyes, she was gone.

It was known in the scientific community, that Alien abductions were possible, and they were decently well documented, so there was no problem there. But when she didn’t come back… The police went back to his place and he had been interrogated and put in a cell. This one was an improvement… at least he wasn’t surrounded by scary looking men who called him “pretty boy”
“Lothario, you can go now” Officer Kauker said

When Don left his cell, he saw what he had feared most: his beautiful girlfriend standing there, not daring to look at him.
Did she blame him? Was she angry? He should say something, but what?

“Cassie, I… it wasn’t… I didn’t… I don’t know what happened, I had nothing to do with it…”
“I know Don” She said, raising an eyebrow.
“You do?”
“Come on, how would you have been able to summon aliens, or... why, even” She said, her tone sounded a bit offended by Don’s surprise. “I’ll take you to your place, let’s go.

The ride home was very silent and uncomfortable. What where you supposed to say when you felt guilty that your mother disappeared, even though you really weren’t?
They finally got home and Don headed straight to the kitchen for something. He went back to the living room and saw Cassandra sitting quietly, arms crossed and an absent look on her eyes.
“Hey… the fridge is empty but… would you like a cup of hot chocolate? I have no coffee…”
“I’m alright”

“Cassandra I’m… I’m so sorry. I’m sure your mom will be back son, we have to hope for the best…”
“How, Don? We have very limited knowledge about alien Sims, but we know they have a method. Abduct, return in three hours. It’s been 22 hours by now. My father is going crazy looking for an answer, but there’s nothing.”

“So… you think she’s gone?”
“I don’t know, I don’t want to think about it”

“I haven’t been close with my mother for a long time… Ever since Alex was born I have kept a distance from her. We are so different, I would just keep fighting with her over the most stupid things so I just wanted to be as far from her as I could but… I never wanted her to leave. She’s my mom!”
“And now… Uncle Michael died, dad is so busy all the time, she’s gone… I feel like I am alone”

“No Cassie... you’re not. I’m here for you…”
“Thanks Don… I know you are, I just… my family keeps getting smaller, and smaller and...”
“Well, why… why not make it bigger?”

“What do you mean?”
“Well, we’ve been dating for a while now… and I… I love you Cassie, and I would like to be a part of your family if you let me” Don said as he caressed her cheek gently. Cassandra looked at him, smiling but confused, not really sure what he was trying to say.

“Cassandra Goth, will you marry me? Don said, smiling timidly.
“Yes, yes of course!”

The next morning, Don went out to get the newspaper. News of Bella’s disappearance were on the front page. It had been 30 hours already.
As he was going back inside he heard someone calling his name. The voice sent chills down his spine.

“Hi Don! How are you? Funny finding you here this early… I was just going for a run”
“Nina! What... what are you doing here?”
“Well, Dina and I arrived last night… She came over to help Mortimer out, and I just… didn’t have anything to do in the city so I came over too. We’re staying at a motel down the street…”

“Dina’s here too?”
“Yeah, she went straight to the Goth Manor… I didn’t think I would be of much use, barely know the family so, I just went for a run. Horrible isn’t it? Bella disappearing… How have you been? It’s been a while since I last saw you”
“Yeah well... you know me... working and studying and… same as always”

“Boring! Hey would you mind if I used your shower?”
“I don’t know if that’s a good idea… you know... the whole place is a mess and… uhm”
“I wouldn’t ask, but you know how I am terrified of public bathrooms and the motel is not… I would hate to go there, please”
“I guess it’s ok… I need to write a paper though”
“Won’t bother you at all!”

While Don was writing his report, he Heard Nina opening the bathroom door.
“All good and clean?”
“Yeah, thanks. Hey I think there’s a problem with the shower though, it’s leaking… Can you have a look?”

Don turned around on his chair. But what he saw surprised him. Nina had dropped the towel on purpose, exposing her naked body to Don. His jaw fell wide open.
“What… what are you doing?”
“It’s been a while, hasn’t it, Don? I’ve missed you” She said, looking at him seductively.

Don’s mind went blank. All his problems, Bella and the aliens, Cassandra, his paper… they all disappeared from his mind. He could only think of Nina now. He stood up and approached her.
“I’ve missed you too” He said, before kissing her.

Meanwhile, an unsuspecting Cassandra receives her best friend at home.
“So you’re sure he had nothing to do with it, Cass?” Mary-Sue asked, concerned.
“Yes, even dad says so. Poor guy was so scared I am sure he peed his pants”
“You have to admit though, the circumstances…. why was your mother there to begin with? I just don’t trust him Cassandra, I don’t think he has the best intentions”

“Mom went there to patch things up. Dad had an argument with Don and she just wanted to apologize. He is a good man Mary… it’s serious”
“He… asked me to marry him” Mary sue gasped in surprise. “Last night… we talked, he said he wanted to be here for me, he loves me, he really does”

“But Cassandra, you’re so young... you’re upset about your mother, are you sure it’s the right decision?”
“I am… I mean, I love him, isn’t that what counts?” She said naively.

Don woke up on the couch, naked. He put on his briefs and called for Nina, she answered from upstairs. As he went up to his bedroom, he saw her standing next to his wardrobe, looking serious.
“Hey, what’s going on?”
“I was wondering the same thing, Don. What are these pictures”

Don felt his stomach sink. The pictures. He had pictures with Cassandra all over his bedroom. He hadn’t seen or spoken to Nina in years before today so there was no way she could know.
“Is that.. Is that Cassandra Goth?”
“Yes… We’re dating…”
“You are dating baby Cassandra? How old is she, like 15?!”
“No… she’s not a girl anymore, she’s 24 and she…”

“When were you planning on telling me?! Is it serious? It seems like it is, all these pictures… disgusting.”
“It isn’t… well yes, it is serious.” Don said, looking at the pictures of them together, remembering the night before. “We are… engaged, kind of”

“ENGAGED?” Nina yelled “Are you kidding me? You and Cassandra? When did this happen?!”
“I didn’t know what I was doing, ok? I was in jail the whole day, I was still in shock after the whole Bella thing and she was so fragile… I didn’t think it through I just asked her!”
“Do you love her? Nina asked, frowning.
“I think I do”
“Unbelievable” She said, before leaving Don’s house.

That's it for Chapter I! Thanks for reading :)
21 June 2014 @ 01:09 pm
No one who had been there a year before would recognize Sunset Valley now.
The main area of town had been completely rebuilt and it was still an ongoing process.
Old building had been bulldozed and replaced by modern and beautiful ones, with more social areas and places to visit,to make Sunset Valley a better and more pleasant place to live in.

Agnes Crumblebottom was the person behind this. After talking to her sister Cornelia she realized she had to do something with her life, she couldn't just stay home to mourn her late husband forever. Erick wouldn't have wanted that.
So she got in contact with old friends, and decided to put her small fortune to use. One of her partners was even planning to move in with her family to Sunset Valley soon, to help more with the reconstruction. Her name was Jennicor Tricou, an old familyfriend of the Crumblebottoms.

Ms Crumblebottom was soon known around town as the growing and important businesswoman, she became one of the most influential people in the town, and not even Mrs Alto dared trouble her. She was often seen around the new downtown area, checking that everything was working fine. She mostly kept to herself though, in public she was quite a shy and lonely person, nothing had changed on that matter.

Riverview however, was pretty much the same. The biggest change was probably Tom Shallow's life. Him and Ruby had welcomed a baby boy:Tomas Broke. It was still kept a secret, Tom's divorce wasn't going to come easily, so he had to hide his baby's existence as long as possible.

Tom's new life was very satisfying. Sure, the Broke's trailer couldn't be compared to the comforts he was used to, but he found something else that he hadn't experienced in a long time: he felt that his presence was appreciated, he was loved and welcomed.
Flo was charmed by his manners and attention to herself and her daughter, he was already her favorite visitor.

It was too good to be true though. Tom had no idea that his father had been spying on him lately, and discovered the truth about his double life.

When Tom was confronted by him, he saw there was no point in denying it, his father knew too much. He tried to reason with him,and explain how much better his life with Ruby was, but he was taking none of it. To him, Ruby and her family were a bunch of low-life people who had no place in the life of a Shallow. June on the other hand was a respectable woman.
He proposed to leave his little adventure and that son of his as a "mistake" and forget the Brokes ever existed.

But Tom was tired of always obeying his father. He rejected the idea and kept arguing with him, and finally he said he was going to put an end to his marriage to June, whether he liked it or not. He had forgotten a very small detail though: his father controlled every aspect of his life.
Tom basically had nothing of his own, everything was his father's, and he threatened to take it all away if he even tried to divorce June.

Father and son talks don't always go as bad. Now that Michael was a grown man, Simis felt he was responsible of guiding his son in what he thought was the right path. The subject this time was his relationship with River McIrish. It was getting serious, Simis said, and new steps had to be taken for the relationship to evolve. He then proceeded to tell the tale of how he had proposed marriage to Jocasta, and how he knew back then that he wanted to spend his life with her.
Michael wasn't sure what to say. He loved River, but the though had never crossed his mind. He was ashamed to admit so to his father so he just listened as he said how River was a lovely girl, and how his mother also approved of her.
Simis left, not before placing his mother's ring on Michael's hand.

So Michael invited River out for dinner. She was a beautiful and lovely girl. He enjoyed spending time with her, and she was so funny and intelligent, and got along so well with his sister and mother. His father must be right, why would he doubt that marrying her was the right thing to do? By the end of their dinner he knelt down and took a small box out of his pocket, as River cried and accepted his ring. Everything is as it should, he thought.

Everything was as it should in the Oldie household. Their adopted daughter, little Mary-Sue, was their new reason to be happy.
Herb would take her out to the park almost every day, a proud father showing his little daughter around.

What pleased him most was to see how his wife had changed since Mary-Sue's arrival. The knowledge of her infertility had been a burden to Coral. all that was forgotten now, and she was the best mother he had ever seen. He would often go into the nursery and see Mary and Coral sound asleep from a long day of playing together, and nothing could make him happier.

Mary-Sue's play date was their neighbor Dany. They were almost the same age, and since their parents had become such good friends, why shouldn't the kids be friends too?

In fact, the Oldies would spend a lot of time with the Pleasants. Any time was a good excuse for a backyard barbecue and watching the football game together. The girls would talk together while their husband drank, and their new friend would come often too.

Nancy Landgraab had been there to welcome them to the neighborhood, and Diane found her a very interesting person.
Diane had studied politics back in college, and always dreamed of experiencing work and independence before having a family.
She had met general Pleasant before she graduated though. He was older than her, and his confidence and strong personality had completely won her over. She soon found herself with a husband and a son, and though she loved them both, she regretted not doing anything with her life before.

Nancy seemed so in control of her life (and her husband's), she couldn't help but dream of being like her. They would talk about what was happening in town, of Ms Crumblebottom and her new projects. "The poor widow" Nancy would sometimes call her, the usual gossip and of course, Thornton Wolff. That man could melt any woman's hart with just a look.

On not so pleasant news, Iliana's illness was getting worse everyday. She tried to keep her family optimistic, but she wasn't able to lie to herself.
She had always been a realist. She made the best of her time though, and spent as much time with her daughter as possible. She knew it was going to be hard for Kaylynn, she was the most like her, she would try to be responsible for the whole family, and she didnt want her daughter to carry that burden because of her.

If only talking to Parker was easier. He was a young adult now without a care in the world, and his friendship with Xander Clavell and Jared Frio is worrying her. She doesn't want him to fall into the wrong crowd. Her words seemed to have no effect on him though, much to her dismay.

It was always Dustin that made her feel better and took care of her. She worried how they were going to survive though. Dustin had no work experience, Zelda was as irresponsible as people can get, and her Parker seemed to be taking after her.

Tom Shallow went to the trailer one more time, hoping his father wouldn't notice. He sat down with Ruby and explained the situation he was in.
He wasnt going to leave her though, he was in contact with an old friend in Bridgeport who could help him out, give him work and get them a good life, but he had to go there first.
Ruby was stubborn though, and wanted to go too. They couldn't take the baby yet though, Tom explained, it was too long a trip and he wasn't even five months old yet.

They then went to Flat and Flo, and asked them to take care of Tommy. It wouldn't take too long and afterwards the whole family could move in to Bridgeport and start a new and better life.

It was the next night that they aid their goodbyes. Ruby promised to be back soon, she couldn't stay away from her baby for too long. Tom looked at his new family and the hope of change, of a good life inspired him. He turned on the car he had rented and left.

Back in Sunset Valley these two lovebirds lost no time to have their wedding. It took Place in the McIrish backyard, with their family and close friends attending.

Their mothers cried of joy as they saw them commit to each other, the loudest one was of course Mrs Bachelor, who was torn between the happiness of the wedding and the sadness of seeing her oldest go. Michael was going to move in to River's place now, Fiona was already planning an expansion to their home.

But just seenig those two together, and the way they looked at each other, made everyone feel joy for their union.

07 January 2014 @ 11:40 pm
Last time we left Riverview dealing with devastating news. Mr. Perkins, a good friend of Flat Broke, recognized his dead son immediately. It was hard for him to visit the family to tell them what he had found. The Brokes had been looking for him everywhere since the morning when Ruby noticed Skip’s absence. Heartbroken, Flat and Buck went to pick up the body, and bury it in the cemetery where Buck worked.

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11 December 2013 @ 12:37 am
First Chapter of Pleasant Lives

Before Pleasantview, there was Sunset Valley. Founded by the Goth family, and built up by the Landgraabs to be a quiet, peaceful town. But when the Altos arrived with uptown ideals, will the townsfolk feel the need to choose sides?


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